Pierced Fish

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Thank you for stopping by, you are important to us!

We are one of the leading retail body jewelry websites both domestically and internationally. We strive to give you the best not just in our great products but every other aspect of having a great experience when shopping here at our site.

We carry a large variety of items and over 11,000 items in stock and on hands at our warehouse. Our prices are affordable and competitive, you will probably not find any other better deals.

Body Jewelry is what we do best here at Piercedfish and we are very happy to serve you at your needs. Best customer service is guaranteed, and for any questions and concerns, call us at 1-855-520-2800 or 1-310-532-2800.

You can always come visit our facebook page for a live chat or consultation, visit our facebook.

Thank you again for shopping with us and we will see you very soon! -

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